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  Francis Guéro


He begins in Montpellier in 1980 in the Foxtroc Band before seting up the Caroline Jazz Band in 1986. (Caroline, the real one, is 4 when she gives her name to the band). Parisian from 1989 to 1999, il performs in many jazz swing groups such as Formule 4, Globe-Trotters, Darwin Nostradamus, Paris Swing Orchestra... Inhabitant of Toulouse since 2006, he is also performing in the Vintage Jazz Men of Dan Vernhettes, the French All Stars of Wendell Brunious, in Label Swing, in the Boogie System of Jean-Pierre Bertrand and the N.O. Fiesta of Boss Quéraud. Only one little problem, Francis thinks he is the reincarnation of Bert Johnson. But how could we hold it against him, since it is true...