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  Gilles Berthenet

Trumpet – Bugle

No doubt that Gilles is one of the very first French jazz trumpetists. He is omnipresent in the Paris music stage and performs with Fabrice Eulry, Marc Laferrière, Philippe De Preissac, Olivier Franc, Claude Tissandier, Patrick Artéro, Michel Pastres, Maxime Saury, etc. Gilles’ trumpet can be heard in the soundtrack of Patrice Leconte’s film “Mon meilleur ami”. He is regularly performing with many big bands (« Claude Bolling », « Paris Barcelona Swing Connection », « Paris Swing Orchestra », « Tuxedo Big Band »...) ; and also on the stage of many various festivals all around the world (Marciac, San Sebastian, Bayonne, Nice, I Love Jazz in Brazil, Jazz in Sweden, Birmingham, etc). His abilities cover all the Jazz styles, from Blues to Afro Jazz, from Swing, Rock and Funk to Boogie Woogie. He celebrated his 50th birthday in New Orleans with Leroy Jones, Wendell Brunious, Kermitt Ruffins and Ceasar Elloie. How lucky!